ZAMBONI food excellence


Since 1968 the food brokerage specialists

Zamboni Food deals with the sale and development of fresh and frozen food products, with particular expertise in the meat industry.

The company today continues the work begun by Bruno Zamboni 40 years ago with the same passion and care. Today as then, the management of the commercial relationships between suppliers and customers is our main prerogative. Our job is to promote the meeting between producers and distributors, in order to increase and optimize processes.

Zamboni food follows every aspect of the marketing of products, supporting the manufacturing company with the use of the best monitoring and evaluation instruments, from the identification phase of the promotion strategies until activation of the supply services.

For food and beverage services

Our brokerage services are aimed at companies of food products both to companies operating in the distribution. Our agency has mandates with leading companies in the industry. The selection was made after years of constant research, rappresentate food industries enjoy three basic characteristics:

1) IFS and BRC certification;
2) Economic and finance strength certified by numerous rating company;
3) Market presence for over 30 years.

Our mission is to improve the work of our customers by providing innovative products with high quality.

A summary of the actions taken to achieve that goal:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Study of the market and customer demands
  • Detailed formulation of the commercial proposal
  • Supplies activation
  • Dealership
  • Customer monitoring (data and statistics)
  • Logistics support.